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  • B is the symbol that represents the strength and direction, in any particular location, of the magnetic field due to the(...) Read More
  • For “bare number,” see “dimensionless number.” Read More
  • Baryons are a category of subatomic particles in the nucleus of the atom. Protons and neutrons are examples of baryons.(...) Read More
  • All the matter that we ordinarily deal with in everyday life is baryonic matter. Baryonic matter is composed of atoms which(...) Read More
  • The Bohmian Interpretation is sometimes called the "Pilot Wave" or "Guiding Wave" Interpretation. It explains wave-particle(...) Read More
  • Bohmian Mechanics is an alternative name given to the Bohmian Interpretation of quantum mechanics. It is called “Bohmian(...) Read More
  •   [Animation by Kurzonddddd (Own work); CC BY-SA 3.0(...) Read More