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  • See measurement in quantum mechanics and see observer. Read More
  • In quantum mechanics, the term "observer" is used in a specialized manner. It has a meaning quite different from that of the(...) Read More
  • See system. Read More
  • In mathematics, “operator” has two main definitions. 1) An operator is a mathematical symbol, for example +, that represents(...) Read More
  • In the early 1900's, when physicists were first probing the insides of the atom, they thought that electrons might travel(...) Read More
  • (Symbol: ɭ or L). Electrons have two types of rotational motion: orbital angular momentum and spin. Orbital angular momentum(...) Read More
  • Scientists call the everyday matter of our world, such as tables and chairs, “ordinary matter.” Ordinary matter is made up(...) Read More
  • Definition (1): An oscillation is a repetitive back-and-forth motion. A pendulum swinging back and forth is an everyday(...) Read More
  • An oscillator is something that oscillates. Something that vibrates. See oscillation for more information. [caption(...) Read More