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How do I get started in learning quantum mechanics?

Videos on the Youtube channel “Looking Glass Universe” provide the clearest intro to quantum mechanics that I’ve found. They don’t require math nor a prior knowledge of physics, and they take it slow. However, they really get you into the midst of quantum mechanics. It’s not a light once-over. Of course, start with #1 and take them in sequence. They’re each about 10 minutes and there are about 14 of them.

For more of a light once-over, documentaries hosted by Brian Greene on Youtube are excellent. He’s a quantum physicist and a noted science writer.

Good beginning book on quantum mechanics is Fields of Color by Rodney Brooks.

I’m assuming here that you already know the basics of Newtonian physics. If not, study these first. The Physics Classroom is an excellent free on-line course on Newtonian physics. It’s step-by-step and gives practice problems. Khan Academy also has excellent free lessons on Newtonian physics.

Whenever I didn’t understand something in a particular video or book on quantum mechanics, I found videos or on-line articles about that particular thing until I had more understanding of it.

I’m writing definitions of quantum physics jargon for people who are interested in quantum physics but don’t want to dive into the math of it. It’s the definitions and the illustrations and examples that I wish I had when I was first watching these videos and floundering around. I’m hoping that it will help others.